Improve your video views with videos specifically designed for each platform.

An Easy Way to Get Video Promotion

Did you know? small details like video resolution determine the presentation of how many times your video will be watched, and many other details that are very influential.

Leave it to Ebisee, we do not only make professional promotional videos, but also optimize each video for your needs.

Present Your Product In the Following Professional Promotional Video

We have designed each video optimally according to the platform where the video is played, both in terms of video resolution, duration and of course the concept of the video.

Social Media Promotion Videos.

If you haven't promoted your product on Facebook or Instagram, now is the time.

Video has proven to be a more effective ad format than photos / images.

As seen in the demo video next to this. Both in terms of resolution or layout, we have optimized the videos for Instagram stories or Facebook Ads.
Starting price: $18 / 1 hour of work.

Youtube & Website Promotional Videos

Different from videos for social media, widescreen is the most optimal resolution for Youtube and Website videos.

However for animation and such, of course we can still use a similar one to the example in the Instagram promotional videos.

Don’t worry, we will design your video as best as possible according to your wishes.
Starting price: $18 / 1 hour of work.
Definition of 1 hour of work:
1 hour is not the duration of the video, but an estimation of how long it takes to create the video. We do not limit the duration, as long as it can be done in 1 hour, the cost is according to the above. The simpler the video, in 1 hour, we can work on a longer duration, and vice versa.

About price:
The price listed above is the minimum price, if you use our character stock and premade assets (which have been made) from us. For custom animated videos, the cost depends on the complexity of the creation.

About revision:
We do not limit the number of revisions, what we limit is the length of time we provide for revisions per project. For example: You get 1 hour of revision for free, as long as it can be done in 1 hour, regardless of the number of your revision, there are no additional fees.

Best Class Services

Refund Guarantee

You are our priority, so pay only if you like the result of our videos.

Free Revisions

No worries about quality, get free revisions according to the value of your project.

Finished in 3-14 Days

Depend on the complexity of the videos, but most videos finished in just a few days.

Royalty Free Audio

All music we use are legal, free from copyright claim both from Youtube or other platforms.

HD Resolution

We will definitely create your promotional video in high resolution, either HD720 or FullHD 1080.

Voice Over is Available

If needed, we have voice over talents with various character, both men and women.

Why Order Youtube Promotional Videos on Ebisee?

One way to introduce your product is by promoting your video on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or other media.

And the team at Ebisee already has many years of experience in this area. Even one of our clients got a turnover of billions of rupiah from our videos.

In other words, the team at Ebisee do not only create video, but are experienced in creating promotional videos that sell, and of course have knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

So what are you waiting for? Call Ebisee now for a free consultation or get the best price offer.

ONE Stop Solutions

Don’t be confused about finding other service providers. In addition to the services above, Ebisee has many other services to help your business, including the following.

2D & 3D Animation

Looking for 2D animated cartoon videos as well as 3D animated videos? This is the place, please click the detail button.

Animated Video Intro

Need an intro or opening video, either for YouTube or other platforms? We are ready to help.

Video Editing

Turn your videos into professional videos with video editing services from Ebisee.

Logo Design Services

Get a logo or mascot designed by a team of experienced professionals.

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