A logo designed by a professional team at a very affordable price.

Showcase Your Business With a Logo

A logo or mascot is a symbol of a business. You don't want to be remembered as a brand that has a bad logo design, of course.

Therefore, get the logo and mascot from the Ebisee design team which already has many clients both from within and outside the country.

Logo Design Services Pricing

Minimalist Logo Package

A minimalist type of logo without a lot of complicated details.
Rp 245.000
1 minimalist logo design concept.
2x free revisions or 1 redesign.
2-4 hari turn around time.

Detailed Logo Package

A logo with many artistic details.
Rp 395.000
1 detailed logo design concept.
3x free revisions or 1 redesign.
3-5 days turn around time.
If you have used the free revision, the next revision will be subject to additional fees.

in addition to the package options above, we also accept custom projects, where you will get unlimited revisions, and our team will prioritize the work on your logo or mascot design.
3 type of logos
Generally, there are 3 types of logos:

Font Logo: This type of logo uses your brand name / abbreviation as the logo. Examples of logos: IBM, CNN, NASA.

Icon / Symbol Logo : In this type, a logo is created using an icon or graphic design that is considered appropriate to your brand. Examples of logos: Apple, Twitter.

Combination Logo: A combination of letters and icons / symbols. Examples of logos: KFC, Adidas, Starbuck.

Logo's Portofolio

Some of the designs we've worked on.


We also have other services that can help your needs.

Video Animation

Get 2D and 3D animated videos at the best prices in their class.

Video Promotion

Need a promotional video for Facebook, Instagram or Youtube? You can get it here.

Video Intro

Get a professional intro or opening video, be it for YouTube channels or other needs.

Website Design

Website created based on data, ready to be used as an online promotion media.

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