We will turn ordinary videos into professional videos that are more interesting to watch.

From a Team That Has Created Hundreds of Videos

The team at Ebisee already has years of video editing experience.

From this experience, we can choose which effect best suits the purpose of your video.

And not only the video editing team, Ebisee also has a team of animators to team of video marketing who can help promote your video if needed.

Change Your Video to Professional Ones

Aside from being unpleasant to watch, bad videos can also affect your business negatively. On the other hand, a professional video will increase trust in the brand, number of shares and more.

Edit Multiple Videos concept

We not only provide an editing team, but also a team of animators, in other words, we can do simple editing to complex animations at once.

Moreover, if needed, there is a marketing team who really understands how to make videos for promotional / advertising needs.

Video Editing that Follows the Trend

Market trend are always changing, and don't worry, you won't get a video that seems outdated.

The Ebisee video team always keeps up with the latest trends, whether in color, animation style, whatever. But of course, we edited the video while still following the specifications you requested.

Price of Video Editing Services

Lite Editing

For those of you who need editing services for just a few videos.
$18 / work of hour*
Unlimited video duration: Regardless of the length of your video, as long as we can finish it in 1 hour, the price remains as stated above.
Unlimited Revisions**
Royalty Free Audio dan Video.
Upload videos in unlimited cloud storage.
Personal Editor.

Subscription Editing

Save up money for video editing with a deposit / subscription system. Suitable for content creators / Youtubers, who require regular video editing.
$15 / work of hour*
All feature from Lite Package.
Deposit system: With a minimum balance deposit of Rp 700.000 you get cheaper video editing. The balance will be deducted, for each video project you send.
Remaining Balance: Balance does not have to be spent on 1 project. You can use the remaining balance any time for the next editing project.
Personal Editor: 1 video editor especially at your service
How to calculate price based on working hours?
1 hour is not the duration of the video, but an estimate of how long it takes to make the video. We do not limit the duration, as long as it can be edited within 1 hour, the cost is according to the above.

The simpler the editing process, in 1 hour, we can work on a video with a longer duration, and vice versa.
Is it true that the number of revisions is unlimited?
That's right, you can request a 5x revision or even 10x as long as you still have working hours left.

For example: You purchased video editing for 1 hour of work, it turns out that the editing process only takes 30 minutes, you still have 30 minutes left that can be used for free revisions.

All Type Video Editing

Youtube Video Editing

Now you can focus on creating content, without worrying about the video editing process anymore.

Company Video Editing

Get a professional video, which reflects your company's branding.

Personal Video Editing

We are also ready for editing from wedding videos, cam action to family videos.

Have any question about video editing?


Other Ebisee Services

We also have other services that can help your needs.

Video Promotion

Get promotional videos and animations made by a professional team.

Digital Marketing

Promote your business on various social media platforms or search engines.

Website Design

A website that is not only created in an attractive design but also a "smart" website full of features.

SEO Service

Boost ranking of your website with a safe and up-to-date SEO strategy.