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Advantages of Using AI in Content Creation

Besides AI, of course, we also have a copywriting team (human), but AI has several advantages over conventional content writing, here are some of the advantages:

Thousands of Words in Seconds

One of the advantages of machines over humans is the ability to work quickly.

Likewise with artificial intelligence (AI), which can create unique content in seconds.

Being chased by the deadline? need fast unique content? It's no longer a problem, AI technology from Ebisee is the best solution.

Write in All Languages

Imagine that you have a writer who speaks almost every language.

That is not possible for humans, but for AI it is not a problem. Whatever language you want to get, AI can write it for you.

Also, AI is not only good at writing articles, but also can be used to create content such as product descriptions, emails, advertisements, and others.

The Most Affordable Price Content

Because machines (computers) can work more efficiently and quickly than humans, of course, this affects the prices.

You can get content created by AI for a very affordable price. You can check our pricing table below.

Article Writing Service Pricing

AI Lite Package

For short content, such as advertisements, product descriptions, etc.
Made by AI.
Unique content, no plagiarism.
Supports all languages.
Content created: product descriptions, captions, titles, and content for Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads.

Content Writer package

Articles are written by professional writers
95.000 /500 kata
Articles written with the concept of SEO.
Article topics research.
Free 1x revisions (25% of article content).
The content / articles that you get in the AI lite and AI Articles packages are purely the result of AI without any editing process. If editing by the copywriter team is needed, an additional fee will be applied.

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