Results oriented Instagram ads Strategy

We conduct research. We run Instagram ads. We optimize it.

Advertising That Helps Boost Business

Getting traffic from Instagram ads is easy, but not all agencies can get traffic that targets your potential clients.

Ebisee is here as a solution, we are a results-oriented agency, not just traffic.

We Will Solve Your Problem

Whatever problem-related to Instagram ads, Ebisee will provide you with the best solution.

Menambah follower dengan biaya lebih murah.

Forget about buying fake followers who can harm your business.

With the right Instagram advertising strategy, you can get followers at a cost of thousands or even hundreds of rupiah only.

Boost Instagram Post Interaction.

A good Instagram account is an account with followers who actively interact through your posts (likes, comments, etc.).

The fastest way to increase engagement is by showing Instagram ads to groups of people who need your business solution.

Ebisee's marketing team will help you to find the target market.

Convert Followers into Clients.

One important thing than just having a lot of followers is having followers who are interested in your business.

If you have many followers but only a few who become clients / customers, then something is wrong with your marketing strategy.

We know it's not easy, that's why Ebisee is here to help you. With our experience, knowledge, and tools, we will create strategies that change followers into clients.

Observe Data Statistics & Advertising Costs

You will, of course, want to see the result data of the ads, as well as the number of costs incurred.

Ebisee really values transparency, therefore, you have access to the Instagram account panel. You are free to view the available data at any time.

Flexible Service Options

The following are some of the Instagram ad service solutions, which we offer for your various needs.

Full-Service Instagram Ads

You want us to manage everything related to advertising on Instagram? These are packages for you.

What we do:

Create an Instagram ad strategy.
Instagram ad accounts optimization.
Landing page optimization.
Ad creation, monitoring, & optimization.
Data analysis.

Instagram ad accounts optimization.

In this package, we will create an optimized Instagram ad account. We leave the management to you.

What we do:

✅ Analytical tool setting.
✅ Landing page optimization.
✅ Ad optimization.

Instagram Ads Consulting

Get advice, analysis, or guidance from Instagram ad practitioners.

What we do:

Consultation regarding Instagram Ads.
✅ Instagram Ads Consulting

Landing Page Design

Landing page specifically designed for Instagram advertising needs.

What we do:

✅ Landing page creation.
✅ Landing page optimization.
✅ Install analytical tool.
✅ Install conversion tracking.

Instagram Ads Service Pricing

🔷 For Full Service, our service fee is 20%-15% of the total advertising funds per month.
🔷 The bigger your advertising budget, the smaller the percentage of our service fees.
🔷 For other services, the price depends on the details of each project.

Tim Iklan Instagram Bersertifikat

Selain berpengalaman, tim iklan Instagram Ebisee juga sudah lulus test.


Here are some options of Ebisee Service

Facebook Ads Service

Interested in advertising on the Facebook platform? Check Ebisee services here

Google Ads Service

The highest converting Ads is still being held by Google, make your Ads now.

Youtube Ads Service

Advertise your business in the form of video or even text in Youtube platform.

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