Targeted Google ads service

result oriented Google Ads service

We create an advertising strategy, optimize it, and reach your target.

Return Of Investment up to 500%

With a combination of product quality and the right Google ads, it is possible to get an advertising profit (ROI) of tens or even hundreds of percent.

Several projects handled by Ebisee achieved ROI of up to 500%.

Are you ready to succeed in Google Ads? Contact Ebisee immediately.

The Fastest way to Get New Clients

Google Ads is still becoming the fastest growing advertising media, and often the most profitable one.

Showing Ads to The Right People

Showing ads randomly will consume your ad budget for nothing.

We won't do that. For each of your Google ads, we carefully prepare it in every detail. Starting from the ad targets selection, keywords, conversion tracking, and many others.

Marketing Decisions Using Data

One of the reasons why we always conduct detailed research is because we avoid making marketing decisions without a foundation.

Every advertising strategy we create is the result of tests and data analysis. This increases the chances of getting a successful Google ad in no time.

You’re The One Who Hold The Control

Partnership requires trust and we really care for this.

Not only get ad results reports, you will also have access to your Google ads account.

Which means that you can see any changes, anytime, what are we make, including advertising costs spent per month.

Google Ads Package Options

Choose services according to your promotional needs on Google.

Full-Service Google Ads

In this package, we will manage all matters relating to your Google ads.
What we do:
✅ Create a Google ad strategy. 
✅ Google Ads account optimization.
✅ Landing page optimization.
✅ Ad creation, monitoring & optimization. 
✅ Data analysis.

Google Ads Account Optimization

Do you want to manage it yourself but need an account setup from us? You can choose this package.
What we do:
✅ Analytical tool setting.
✅ Landing page optimization.
✅ Ad optimization.

Google Ads Consultation

Get advice, analysis, or guidance from Instagram ad practitioners.
What we do:
✅ Consultation regarding to Google Ads.
✅ Analyze your Google Ads account and provide optimization guides.

Landing Page Design

Landing pages are very important to the success of Google advertising. Get the landing page we've optimized.
What we do:
✅ Landing page design
✅ Landing page optimization.
✅ Install analytical tool.
✅ Install conversion tracking.

Google Ads Service Pricing

🔷 For Full Service, our service fee is 20%-15% of the total advertising funds per month.
🔷 The bigger your advertising budget, the smaller the percentage of our service fees.
🔷 For other services, the price depends on the details of each project.

Certified Google Ads Marketing Team

Of course, the team that manages your Google Ads has passed tests and is certified.

We also have other services

Here are some of the other services from Ebisee.
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Youtube Ads Service
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