Digital Marketing Services


Advanced marketing using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Is your business well known?

With the help of a professional marketing plan, we will help you to develop the right marketing strategy to improve your business reputation.

Ebisee VS Competitors

πŸ“Š Transparency. You can directly check costs, ad performance, and others through the dashboard.

πŸ”Ž The advertising strategy adjusted to your business

πŸ• Using the latest marketing strategies and technology.

πŸ“‘ Advertising content is supported by artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

πŸ’° Not just showing ads but focus on conversions.

πŸ“‹ We provide creative creation, such as video and graphic design.
πŸ“Š You don't really know how much money is being spent on advertising.

πŸ”Ž Package system, same advertising strategy for all businesses.

πŸ• Not following the latest technology and strategy developments.

πŸ“‘ Ad content writing relies on the ability of the author.

πŸ’° Most agencies do not install conversion checks nor install conversion tracking.

πŸ“‹ Only provides ad management services, doesn’t have a video / graphic specialist team.

Promotion in Various Platform

Google Ads Services

Page 1: If you want your website to appear on the first page of Google instantly, the answer is to use Google ads (adwords).

Research: Advertise without research is a waste of money. We will research the detail starting from the ideal consumer type, keywords, and so on.

Testing: From the research data, advertisements are run, followed by testing and optimization techniques. The main goal is cheaper and targeted advertising.
Google Ads

Jasa Iklan Facebook Ads

Affordable: With the right data and research, our Facebook ads often cost only hundreds of rupiahs per click.

Targeted: With Facebook Ads, ads can be targeted in great detail, from age ranges, hobbies, to marital status.
Facebook Ads

Jasa Iklan Instagram

Follower Bonus: The positive effect of advertising on Instagram is that you can get free followers. Business is getting famous, followers are growing.

With Visual Ads At Ebisee, we also design optimized advertising graphics for each social media.
Instagram Ads

Youtube Ads Service

Brand awareness: Youtube ads are perfect for introducing your brand to millions of users.

Video Ads: Since Ebisee has a video-making service, no need to bother making videos for the Youtube ad, just hand it over to the Ebisee team.
Youtube Ads

Certified Marketing Team

Your ad will be handled directly by a certified marketing practitioner.

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