Super Targeted youtube ads

We Make Videos. We Optimize it. We Promote it on Youtube.

Video Ads Get More Clicks

Ads in the form of videos generally generate more clicks than image or photo formats.

As the number 1 video provider site in the world, you can use Youtube as a medium to promote products.

And if you don’t understand how to advertise on Youtube, don’t worry, Ebisee team and I will help all of the advertisement process from the scratch to finish.

promote your Brand Quickly

Don’t miss the chance to present your business to millions of Youtube users at a very low cost.

Display Ads On Selected Channels.

You must be familiar with Ads that appear when watching videos on Youtube. Whether it is an ad in the form of video or text.

Here we will help to display your Ads on the famous youtubers channels, or on the channels that have similar contents as your business.

Brand awareness At Affordable Prices.

Youtube is the best place if you want to introduce your business (brand awareness) to huge audience.

The most obvious reason is certainly because Youtube has a lot of active users.The second reason is that the cost of advertising on Youtube is very cheap.

We Also Create Videos

Other than a digital marketing agency, Ebisee also provides services related to graphic and video design.
That way, other than managing your Youtube Ads, we can also make Youtube ad videos, starting from simple to very complex ones such as 3D videos.

Youtube Ads Package

Choose services according to your promotional needs on Youtube.

Full Service Youtube Ads

We will manage every advertising needs on Youtube for you.
What we do:
✅ Membuat strategi iklan Youtube.
✅ Optimize the Youtube Ads Account
✅ Landing page optimization.
✅ Create, Monitor, & Optimize Ads
✅ Data Analysis

Youtube Ads Account Optimization

You only need to setup a Youtube ad account? No worries, we will optimize it.
What we do:
✅ Analytics tool settings.
✅ Landing page optimization.
✅ Ads optimization.

Youtube Ads Consultation

Needing advice or wanting to create an advertising strategy on Youtube? consult here.
What we do:
✅ Youtube Ads consultation.
✅ Analyze your Youtube Ads account, and give optimization direction.

Landing Page Creation

Are you using an advertising method that requires a landing page? We're here to help.
What we do:
✅ Create a landing page.
✅ Optimize the landing page.
✅ Install analytical tools.
✅ Install conversion tracking.

Prices for Youtube Advertising Services

🔷 For full service, our services cost is 20% - 15% of the total ads budgets per month.
🔷 The higher the advertising budget of your ads, the smaller the percentage of our service fees.
🔷For other services, the cost depends on the detail of each project.

Certified Youtube Ads Marketing Team

Of course, the team that manages your Youtube Ads, apart from being experienced, also has certificates.

We also provide other services

Here are some options of Ebisee Service

Instagram Ads Service

Interested in advertising on the Instagram platform? Check Ebisee services here

Google Ads Service

Looking for the best ads with high conversion? Google Ads is the best option.

Landing Page Creation

Get a website created by designers and optimized by marketers

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