Organic SEO Service


SEO techniques are supported by artificial intelligence (AI).

Not only traffic but also bringing in clients

Being a website on page 1 means more visitors. But the traffic increase will be meaningless if the targets are wrong.
With targeted SEO techniques, Ebisee not only increases traffic but also brings in new clients.

Using a Proven SEO Strategy

SEO Strategies created For You

Every business is different, therefore no 1 SEO strategy fits all businesses.

We at Ebisee will be part of your business and design a specific SEO strategy for your business.

Reach all over world

For your global business, we will design the best SEO strategy that reaches all over Indonesia and globally.

With a safe SEO strategy (white hat), we will increase the ranking of your website with a combination of techniques: keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page SEO (content creation, technical SEO, etc.), and also off-page SEO (link building, outreach, etc.).

Dominate The Local Market

Some businesses prefer to focus on local / regional markets. Hence a suitable SEO strategy is a local SEO that targets the area of your business located.

We will optimize your Google My Business listing, register it in local directories (business citations), capture reviews, and many other methods.

Latest Strategy, AI Technology

SEO is always developing, many old SEO techniques actually harm SEO results.

We always follow the latest SEO developments, and we are the first agency in Indonesia that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create content ideas.

Exclusive Partnership

At Ebisee you are not only a client but also our partner. Therefore, we only accept a few clients.

We can focus more on getting maximum results as well as professional issues.

If any of your competitors who have the same business and target market want to use Ebisee's SEO services, it is impossible for us to increase your ranking as well as the competitors.

Certified SEO Teams

Your SEO will be handled directly by SEO practitioners who don't just understand SEO theory but also put it into practice. And of course, our team has SEO certificates.

How Our SEO Works

Overall, these are the SEO processes we conducted for your business.


Getting to Know Your Business

Because our SEO goal is not only to increase traffic but also to introduce your business to new clients, we need to get to know your business first.


Research and Analysis

In the next process, we will conduct research and analysis, starting from target consumers, keywords, market gaps, to the quality of your website.


SEO Execution

From the results of our strategy, we will optimize your websites, blogs, social media to build connections with other websites that match your target market.


Measuring Results

We will study the results of the statistical data, send progress reports to you. And from the results of this data, we will optimize your SEO, until it reaches the ranking target you want.

Ebisee’s SEO VS Competitors

πŸ• Using the latest SEO techniques that have been proven to boost website rankings.

πŸ“Š Safe, because we use SEO techniques that don't break the rules (White-hat SEO).

πŸ“‘ Transparent. We will report on each SEO method we do, so that you know how we work.

πŸ“‹ Complete SEO services. Now, to be successful in SEO, requires several methods, the Ebisee team has mastered those methods.

πŸ”Ž Complete selection of services, from video creation to graphic design.
πŸ• Often use old SEO techniques that actually reduce rankings.

πŸ“Š Many agencies claim to use white-hat SEO, but their own websites use black-hat SEO.

πŸ“‘ Often, they only report the ranking status but do not explain the SEO method they are using.

πŸ“‹ Only use a few methods, most of which are link building.

πŸ”Ž Offers few other service options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any ranked 1 guarantee?
We know, several SEO services claim to make sure your website is ranked 1. There are 2 possibilities, they lie or rank 1 for keywords with very, very low competition, for example ranking 1 for your own website name.

On the official Google website itself, it is mentioned that no one can guarantee a rank 1 on Google. Instead, you have to be careful with SEO services that provide the warranty claims, for the reasons I mentioned above.

However, based on Ebisee's years of experience in the SEO field, we can guarantee that your website will experience a ranking boost, which is often ranked 1st.

We make sure, we will not stop doing optimization until your website is on page 1 or even at rank 1.
What are white hat, gray hat, and black hat SEO?
In general, there are 3 SEO methods:

White hat SEO is an SEO technique that complies with Google's instructions and regulations as much as possible, this is the safest way because your website will not be penalized (blacklisted) by Google. The weakness of white hat SEO is that the effect of ranking boost requires a longer lag time (months).

Gray hat SEO is an SEO technique where some of the methods violate Google's rules. For example buying and selling links (links), PBNs, and the like. With gray hat SEO, your website ranking jumps will be faster than white hat SEO methods, but the risk is, if Google knows your method, your website will be removed from their search engines (penalty).

Black hat SEO, with this SEO method your website ranking could boost quickly, tends to be instant (a matter of days). This method not only violating Google's rules but also against the law in some countries (criminal). For example spam, SAPE link (website hacking). The risk? I think you can come to your own conclusions
What SEO method does Ebisee use?
Ebisee always prioritizes white hat SEO methods, and you can check this yourself as the project progresses. Only in certain cases, we will use gray hat SEO (PBN), this is carried out only if we deem it necessary, and approved by the client.

Ebisee would never do black hat SEO, for whatever reason.
How long will the ranking boost take?
Many factors influence the speed at which a ranking is increased. As an illustration, for low to medium level competition it takes 2-4 months. We'll give you an estimated time after we've finished analyzing your website.

If you want your website to appear on page 1 in just a matter of days, then you can use our Google ads service.
My website ranking dropped dramatically after unsubscribing one of the SEO services, why?
If that happens then that’s might because the SEO method they use is PBN (gray hat SEO). That is subscription links on certain websites. Thus, when you unsubscribe from their SEO services, your website link is removed.

Consult Your SEO Process

Don't forget, we only accept certain clients, so contact Ebisee immediately before your competitors cooperate with us.