Data-Driven Facebook Ad Service


With a combination of AI technology and data analysis, your Facebook ads have a greater chance of reaching the desired target.

Advertising Without Strategy = Waste of Money

Based on research and years of experience in the marketing world, Ebisee has a proven Facebook ads strategy.

This is the strategy we implement in your ad so that you have a more focused and targeted Facebook Ad.

Results-Focused Advertising Strategy

This is the strategy we implement in your ad so that you have a more focused and targeted Facebook Ad.

Ad Strategies Made Just for You.

Every business is different, so no one ad strategy fits every business.

That's why when you work with Ebisee, our team will create an ad strategy designed specifically for your Facebook advertising needs.

Using The Latest Tools And Strategies

Facebook often makes changes to algorithms, regulations, and others. Likewise, marketing tools and strategies are always evolving.

We are not silent, the Ebisee Team always follows the latest developments, conducts tests, and if it has proven, we will apply it to your ad.

Ads copy using AI Technology

The way you write and choose the words in Facebook ads to determine whether your ad will be clicked on or not.

And only at Ebisee, you can get creative ideas in no time, all thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) technology we use.

From these various materials, the copywriting team will sort and refine them.

Data and Cost Transparency

You have direct access to the Facebook Ads panel to see live statistics, costs incurred, changes we have made, and other details.

Choose Services as Needed

Flexibility, the Ebisee Team can manage all things related to Facebook ads or a few specific tasks only.

Full-Service Facebook Ads

We will manage all processes related to Facebook Ads. Starting from setup, monitoring, maintenance to optimization.
What we do:
✅ Create a Facebook ad strategy.
✅ Facebook Ads account optimization.
✅ Landing page optimization.
✅ Ad creation, monitoring & optimization.
✅ Data analysis.

Facebook Ads account optimization.

We created an optimized Facebook Ads account, so you can immediately run ads and manage them.
What we do:
✅ Analytical tool setting.
✅ Landing page optimization.
✅ Ad optimization.

Facebook Ads Consultation

For those of you who want to run your own Facebook ads, we can provide directions and even provide step by step guide.
What we do:
✅ Consultation regarding Facebook Ads.
✅ Analyze your Facebook Ads account and provide optimization guide.

Landing Page Design

Get a landing page that has been uniquely designed for your Facebook advertising needs.
What we do:
✅ landing page design.
✅ Landing page optimization.
✅ Install analytical tool.
✅ Install conversion tracking.

Facebook Ads Service Pricing

🔷 For Full Service, our service fee is 20%-15% of the total advertising funds per month.
🔷 The bigger your advertising budget, the smaller the percentage of our service fees.
🔷 For other services, the price depends on the details of each project.

Certified Facebook Ads Team

Your ad will be handled directly by a certified Facebook Ads practitioner.

Our Other Service Solutions

As an all-in-one solution agency, we have several services that you can choose from, including the following.

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