Created by an animators team with years of experiences who have produced hundreds of animated videos.

Animated Videos, Effective Advertising Tools

Video animation is usually used as a means to describe the features/benefits of a product, or more commonly known as an explainer video.

With a cartoon look, animated videos have proven to be effective in making a promotional video more enjoyable to watch. 

If previously 2D and 3D video creation cost tens of millions of rupiah, not anymore, Ebisee presents a very affordable animation video creation service solution, without sacrificing quality.

Various Animation Videos for Your Business

One of Ebisee's strengths is that our team is not only experienced in making videos, but we also have marketing knowledge, so they understand how to make videos that are attractive to click.

2D Animation Video Services

2D animation is often chosen not only because of its affordable price, but also because the concept of 2D animation can attract viewers' attention.
2D's Price: $18 / 1 hour of work

3D Animation Videos Services

If you want to look different, or want to explain something in more detail, then a 3D animated video is the best choice.

By utilizing the latest 3D animation technology, such as facial recognition, artificial intelligence and others, Ebisee can reduce prices and also the length of time to work
Price: $25 / 1 hour of work
Definition of 1 hour of work:
1 hour is not the duration of the video, but an estimation of how long it takes to create the video. We do not limit the duration, as long as it can be done in 1 hour, the cost is according to the above. The simpler the video, then in 1 hour, we can work on a longer duration, and vice versa.

About price:
The price listed above is the minimum price, if you use our character stock and premade assets (which have been made) from us. For custom animated videos, the cost depends on the complexity of the creation.

About revision:
We do not limit the number of revisions, what we limit is the length of time we provide for revisions per project. For example: You get 1 hour of revision for free, as long as it can be done in 1 hour, regardless of the number of your revision, there are no additional fees.

Full of Feature with Quality Assurance

Refund Guarantee

We strongly avoid disappointing our customers, therefore we provide a 50% - 100% refund guarantee.

Free Revisions

According to the complexity of your project. You will get free revisions

Finished in 3-14 Days

Get 2D/3D animated videos without having to wait for months.

Royalty Free Music

Royalty free music means music that is free to use both for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

HD Resolution

All of our videos are rendered in HD resolution with sharp colors and pictures.

Voice Over is Available.

There are many voice over talents you can use. You don’t need to look for it in another place.

Why You Need to Choose Ebisee for Video Animation Services?

In short, the advantages of Ebisee Animation services are: cheap, high quality, and fast.

In the past, the cost of both 2D and 3D animation services was quite expensive due to the complicated process. Starting from the creation of characters, properties to animation effects.

And thanks to the premade characters, props and effects, we at Ebisee are able to offer a service at a much lower price than the old animation process.

Not only does it reduce production costs, the Ebisee method also can speed up the process of making animated videos in just a matter of days.

But if needed, Ebisee's team of designers can also create an animated video from scratch, with character designs and effects created just for you.


You don't need to be confused about finding other service providers. In addition to the services above, Ebisee has many other services that can help your business, including the following.

Social Media Promotional Video

Need a promotional video for  your Facebook, Instagram or Youtube? You can get it here.

Video intro

Get a professional intro or opening video, for YouTube channels or other needs.

Video Editing

Do you have a video you want to make or change into a more professional one? Ebisee is here to help

Logo Design Services

Complete the video with a logo or mascot designed especially for you.
Have questions about animated videos?